Social Advocacy

What is our ME to We team at ÉWMMS?

A group that has been making a difference since 2011 in partnership with Free the Children by giving time to others.

Giving and community-building

Finding meaning in life by reaching out to others.

A movement to help find meaning

Showing our youth that small individual actions can make a difference in the world

People of all ages can be the change


Here are a few examples of what we have accomplished over the past few years:

Got involved with Kingland Ford at Halloween - our goal:  to fill up a pickup truck with food for our community

Filled pencil cases for children in Edmonton Hospital and made Christmas cards. Mme Melanie delivered them in person

Took the Vow of Silence to support children who do not have the right to speak out or live a child’s life. Most of the Me to We group participated in this Vow as well as many students from 6B. All profits from the canteen were donated to Free the Children and 2 of our students fundraised on their own. Also all students were invited to donate the loose change in their pockets for the cause.

Sent Christmas cards including a food gift card to family in need.

Walmart donated life jackets that we delivered to others schools and daycares to ensure child safety.

We invited Spencer West to speak to our community and to students of grades 6 to 12 to remind them that life is beautiful and that what we think is impossible is actually possible. He is an inspirational speaker that works for Free the Children in Toronto. If you haven’t head of Spencer West, please take the time to read about him.

This year, our team is ready to be the change they want to see in our school, to help our community during difficult times, to support our oversea project on education with Spencer West and the school built in Kenya by Sir John students by providing sanitary products and underwear to ensure all the girls can attend school all year long.  And there is more to come. Watch for our announcements in the ÉWMS Newsletter and on our Facebook page.

How can you help?

Please look for our group amazing fundraisers such as our Car Washes or our Bake Sales.  There will be Bake Sale on Parent Teacher interview nights. What could be better than a cup of hot coffee and fresh baked goods before an interview?  You can also donate your bottles. This is easy and fast. You don’t need to wait in line anymore as we have an account. You just drop the bottle using this account number 867-445-2669. You will save the environment, your time and do good deeds.