Parent Teacher Interviews Term 1

We have opened up the schedules for booking parent/teacher interviews. This year will be different, with teachers offering either interviews by phone-call or Google Meet. Please ensure that your email and phone numbers are correct when booking your appointments. 


For now, we are asking that parents just book with their student's homeroom teacher. These teachers are:


6A - Paige McDonald

6B - Elise Cockburn

6/7C - Oliver Fortin

6/7D - Laura Bromley

6IF - Maude Frosst

7B - Marie-Eve Raymond

7PIF - Scott Green


We will let you know when you can book with these teachers if your child is taught by them other than homeroom.


Teachers and staff that you can book with now as they do not have homeroom classes are:


Darren Wicks - Physical Education/Wildcat Academy

Federick Sonier - Physical Education

Kamey Fenwick - Music

Heather Jelinski - 6B English

Kristan McOuat - Program Support Teacher

Katey Simmons - Program Support Teacher


All previous accounts have been reset so you will have to create a new one.


If you have any questions please let me know.