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My name is Melanie Parisella. I have been part of the French Immersion Team at École William McDonald School since 2008.  I was a member of our support team in French Immersion from 2003 to 2008.

I hold a Special Education Certificate as well as a Bachelor f Education in primary and secondary school from the University of Alberta . I have also taught in China for a short period of time while I was studying Globalization in 2007. In 2012 our school become a We School and since, I have organized an annual trip to the WE DAY only youth conference around Canada for our students to raise awareness of the difference they can make one step at the time.   I’m now teaching the community awareness exploratory for the third years to grade 7-8 and looking forward to continuing to build more empathy between our students and continue to get their support to help our community and less fortunate during difficult moments.


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I have also started an anti-bullying movement in our school in 2014 with the support of a group of students that stand up against bullying.

This year, I will be the Grade 7B Homeroom teacher teaching mathematics, French Language Art, Social Studies and Health as well I will be teaching grade 8  Immersion Health Education classes and the community awareness exploratory as mentioned previously.

I am excited about the challenging and enlightening school year that lies ahead of us. It is my hope that throughout the course of the year I will be able to help your child become better prepared for High School.

My philosophy of teaching is very simple. Any child whose fundamental needs are met is able to learn. I believe that we build knowledge starting from what we already know. There is no bad child or bad learners, every child is unique and learns differently. Project-based learning allows students to learn at their grade level using their own multiple intelligences and at their own pace. I will also encourage my students to support each other and develop and learn to work effectively in a team to further their knowledge and using each other's strengths.

Teaching is a passion. I want a make a positive difference on the future generations and I believe your child is ready for the challenge one step at the time.

Melanie Parisella